Question GIGABYTE Z390 Aorus Pro Wifi RGB connectors (First RGB setup)

Jul 19, 2018

Does anybody have any information on it's RGB connectors, whether it's got an ARGB connector, 5v or 12v RGB fan connectors?

I plan to use it with these RGB fans/accessories:

Antec Prizm 120 ARGB 3+2+C 120mm PWM Fan Pack

SilverStone FG122 Addressable RGB LED Fan Frame (for the CPU AIO)

Is the mobo compatible with those? Do I need to buy any extra cables to connect them all?

(Btw it will be my first RGB build)
Hi pal, yes that motherboard does have both ARGB (Digital) and RGB connectors. It has two of each. On the right side top of the motherboards and on the bottom near the middle edge.

The 5v ARGB is a 3 pin and the RGB is a 4pin.

Page 5 of the English Manual shows the location and page 19 shows the connectors and pin layout for both but stick to the 5v Digital . There is a way of making sure you are on 5v by using the jumper that allows 5v or 12v selection...Double Check that and make sure it is set to should be but double check. This is on page 19 section 10....and the digital connectors are called D_LED1 and D_LED2

The Antec Prism is compatible with the Gigabyte board and can be controlled via RGBFusion and the same with the Silverstone FG 122. Both are 5v digital rated aRGB both are the same. DO NOT use THE 4 PIN RGB connectors on the motherboard as they are 12v...and once again double check the jumper settings...