Gigabyte Z68MX - Marvell RAID1 volume not accesible


Nov 10, 2011
After failing (not enough space on SSD) in my attempt to install Windows Home Server 2011 (Intel2500K, 8GB, Vertex3 60GB, 2x2TB SATA III) I reverted back to Win7 (replacing Home Premium with Ultimate). I now no longer have access to my Marvell Raid1 (2x2TB) volume. When I boot the machine the BIOS recognizes the hardware and if I enter BIOS I can see RAIDONE (the name of the RAID1 volume) listed on the hard disk boot priority screen. Even so, when I go into explorer the RAIDONE volume is not available. Neither is it evident in disk manager. If I change the control mode from AHCI to IDE than two individual disks show up --unitialized -- in disk manager. I dont want to lose the 300GB of data I already have on the RAID volume.

Any ideas how to resolve?