Gigabyte Z68XP-UD4 Rev 1.0


Jan 28, 2012
I recently purchased a new Gigabyte Z68xp-UD4 rev 1.0 from Microcenter.

this is my built.

i7 2600k clocked to 4.00
using Intel Thermal RTS2011 **watercool** for CPU cooling
Gigabyte Z68XP-UD4 rev 1.0
Corsair Veagance 8 gigs ( 4 x 2 )
GPU eVGA GTX 520 ti DS
Raid 0 w/2x WD640 black series
PSU 850w by Coolermaster
MidTower by Lian-li
**updated to BIOS F5**

my questions are:

anyone have problem with this board ?
sometime when I go online I8 or I9, i will get lock up and need to do a hard reset to reboot my pc.
I noticed that I will get an update from windows 7 update center for Intel graphic card and intel Management, so, do I update or ignore the update since its better to received updates directly from gigabyte support.
does the I8 or I9 lockups as freezed because from hardware or driver issue ?

thanks for any input...

however, if I do not update the intel driver from windows 7 update center, I do not get lockup from internet browser, I8 and I9, or am I wrong.

thanks again..