Question Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming GT Issues


Aug 14, 2016
I've had these issues for a fairly long time now, but after doing some reading on the web, I've seen various people mention memory settings or BIOS changes to try and address it. Want to see if anyone know a particular setting or change I can try to get around this

My PC has the following

Cooler Master Cooler (dont know the exact model off hand)
16 GB DDR3 (4 x 4 GB - 1600)
GeForce 1080Ti PCi-E

When the PC is up and running in Windows, its fine, no issues, no crashes, nothing. However, when I need to reboot it or it is shutdown and needs powered back on, it goes into a cycle where it will start, the lights on the fans and board in the case will come on, and then 5-10 seconds later it will shut off. It will then repeat this cycle starting and stopping (the number of times it does it varies from 1-2 to MANY). 90% of the time it will finally bring my monitors up the BIOS Splash screen appears and then Windows loads. Other times I have to hold the power button in to turn if off, turn the PSU off and wait a bit. Power it back on and the cycle will begin again until it loads windows. I get lucky here and there if the machine is off for a longer period of time where it boots right up. The BIOS is at the latest avialable from Gigabyte and updating it made no difference to the issues.

Any ideas of settings / configs I can try to stop this annoying situation from continuing? IT doesnt matter if the computer only has a video card, memory, proc in it or if there are USB Devices and other cards installed in it, it does the same thing. Ive read some things about memory voltages or cpu voltages but not sure if they apply here.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated and if any other information is needed, I can gladly provide it. I am planning on building a new PC in the next 6-8 months so I dont want to waste money on a comparable motherboard to replace this one in the meantime!