Gigabyte's GTX 980 WaterForce 3-Way SLI Kit Pricing Revealed: $2999

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This should be a must have for those driving more than a standard set of wheels or aficionados in the PC industry.

3K for a set of GPU's in watercooling...more than what a custom loop for GPU's alone would cost inclusive of the GPU's and that too with a 360mm surface area.


Feb 1, 2010
Not going to lie that looks a bit excessive. $1600 for the cards alone, I'm sure people could whip together a better/cheaper cooling for the rest of the $1400.
I have to wonder what Gigabyte is thinking with this. There has to be a next to zero market for this type of extremism. Real PC enthusiasts will be building their own triple 680 waterblock setup on their own, and those who would rather not deal with that hassle likely can't fork over the money it costs to begin with.


Feb 5, 2014
I'm doing my own custom loop soon and for just one GPU and CPU in my loop it's going to cost me $500. This includes the cost of: fittings, both blocks, pump, tubes, and reservoir.

Now let's see how much it would cost for 3 cards. First off 3 980s would be in the ballpark of $1650. Let's make a list of parts and their prices a user would need for a custom set up. (based on average prices for components)

(3) GPU Blocks: $360

Tubing: $30

(12+SLI Bridge) Fittings: $180

Pump: $60

360mm Radiator: $100

Resevoir: $40

(3 gentle typhoons) Fans: $60

So altogether that's about $2480.

Now add in all of the R&D and design costs as well as manufacturing and assembly. Then imagine trying to make a profit off of such a niche product. Not many of these are likely to be sold so adding in the extra $500~ to cover the extravagant costs they went to to provide this isn't that much. As much as this was unneeded or unnecessary, it's no different than an Ares card. It's all just because they can. (also external heat exchangers can cost you upwards of $1000+ alone)


Oct 6, 2010
For 4K gaming, 3x 290Xs are still better than 980s in SLI. And for 3000 $ ? Pointless. Setting up your own cooling system, even for 3 GPUs, would make it far cheaper.

You could find 295x2 for 1500 $ at one point, lol.


Jan 29, 2012
Is it expensive, yea, but outrageously over priced? Not really. 3 of the cards would be $1800 +- $100 depending on exact model. $180 in cheap EK waterblocks for the cards. You're up to $2100-ish without liquid, a reservoir or pump. Not to mention you won't have to go through the hassle of doing it all yourself.

It is more than I'd ever pay, but then again why the hell would I ever need 3-Way SLI with 980s? I don't plan on 3 way 4K setups...


So who're they targeting with this?

With a pricetag at $3000, their only possible customer would be rich tech enthusiasts who want a show-piece to drive their 4k monitor or 4k surround.

but IF that is the target audience, why is it so "ugly"? and I don't mean that as just my personal opinion, but Gigabyte's poor choice of materials, namely plastic shrowds, lack of programmable LEDs (sure not everyone likes them, having a choice to turn them on and off, or better, full range RBG, would be nice), further limit their audience to an insanely small group of people who likes the current design.

Sure you can argue that if I don't like the looks, I can mod it, but if I were to get into modding (which I do), why would I buy this system to begin with?


Dec 13, 2011
Why would someone need this? don't the cards run cool already?

If they had made the cards as individual cards to begin with maybe they would have a market. To have a single watercooled 980 with full back plate would be good but not 3 of them with that ridiculous bane helmet.


Feb 4, 2012
I have one of their 780ti OC card and its awesome. But for 3k i think its just a "Hey look what we can do" type of item for gigabyte
A way too expensive. Not rational. Read its complete review on Hexus, though impressive performance yet this much performance at such a premium price is not gonna pay off. It is better to buy individual cards with custom cooling solution that would still be cost effective. Anyhow, nice product there, Gigabyte.
Don't get it, .... three 980s put out the same heat as two 780s. Three separate pumps / rads / tubing increases the cost of failure by factor of 3. This would appear to be knee jerk "showcase" response to AMD's anticipated CLC next gen cards. They'll make a 100 of these to draw attention to what is basically a NZXT G10 / Corsair H60 combo. Problem is threefold:

1. Starting with the later generation 7xx series cards, we find that water cooling the cards does NOT offer significant performance differences. I have a water cooled SLI build (Asus 780 DCII's), but have since matched the same OC's using MSI 780's on air.....and at even lower OC's they topped the 290x at its best OC. I'd still water clock but the reasoning would be noise reduction not performance increases. I am 39C at highest stable overclock .... temperature is clearly not the limiting factor here, at least on nVidia platform.

2. CLCs in what has to be a $5k build ???? Gimme a break. That's like having Academy Awards attendees having their wardrobes provided by Walmart or hanging paintings on velvet of dogs playing cards in an art museum.

3. We won't see it until AMD shows their hand, but what will this cheesy $3k monster give me that that 3 x big maxwell won't for a lot less money ?

3 Water Blocks @ $125 each = $375
1 560 mm x 60mm radiator (3.6 times rad volume) = $120
1 Pump / res combo = $150
Tubing / fittings = $100
4 x Phanteks 140mm fans = $140

Twice as good for half the price.... and for another $75 ya can add a CPU block.

And before ya say $3,000 - $1650 = $1350 .... false logic, those 3 card don't have you throwing away $75 air coolers / shrouds....this cards are worth about $475 w/o the air cooler.


Dec 11, 2014
As far as "water cooling with a warranty" goes, EVGA has their hydrocopper lineup with a $180 per-card premium (most blocks cost $100-$150, so not too bad).

Well you have covered a part of the price, how about the rest ?...... that $50 cooler now has to be installed and you forgot about the shroud. So take the cost of your $50 heat sink and then add the cost of the shroud and assembly.

As far as "water cooling with a warranty" goes, EVGA has their hydrocopper lineup with a $180 per-card premium (most blocks cost $100-$150, so not too bad).
Along with that warranty comes extremely poor performance. The Hydrocopper is a complete Fail with respect to cooling.....10C higher temps on VRAM .....30C higher temps on VRMs. The EVGA Hydrocopper blocks have always been made by Swiftech.

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