Give up your hopes for another 9500np scenario


Jun 3, 2003
Unlike NVIDIA, ATi does not use a different processor for the Pro version of the cards. Instead, four of the pixel pipelines will simply be deactivated. The modder community will be disappointed to hear that these "sleeping" pipes can no longer be reactivated through software or by flashing different BIOS, as was the case with previous cards. Later, lower-cost versions with four or eight pixel pipelines are also set to follow for the mainstream segment.
This was quoted from tom's review, I guess ATI actually bothered this time, to make sure their cards are not moddable. But I'm still hoping that Sapphire screws up again, like they did with the 9500np.

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The article didn't mention if the chip could be re-enabled with a little solder though... there's still hope!

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Hah! I bet people will try it on a $150 card!

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