Given a budget of $400, what would you do?


May 2, 2012
I have been given a budget of $400 to upgrade our router.

Currently, we have a WRT54GL which works just fine except for a hickup here and there during heavy loads (typical over usage).

I am looking at getting something with wireless N built in. My majors are (in order of preference):

Number of Ports (we have a couple bottle necks here with hubs)
Port Forwarding (stupid Linksys and their 10 max)
Wireless range (steel building and concrete flooring gives us poor reception at the bottom).

Here's the question. If you were given $400 and said go buy a router and only a router, which would you buy based on the criteria above? I'm not looking to overhaul anything else. Unplug the router, plug the new one in and set it up. I know I can get away with buying a $50 router again but I don't want to.