Question Given my Specs, what's the best choice of RTX-30XX cards?


I'm thinking of upgrading to the new 30XX CPU to take advantage of RTX in CP2077 and other newer games. I want to get it before CP2077 comes out.
I know we won't have a perfect feel for the new GPUs yet, but given my current CPU and Monitor, what would be the best choice, a 3070 or 3080?

CPU: R7-3700X - stock, no overclock
RAM: 16GB DDR4-3200 CAS 14 - stock
Mobo: X570, ASRock Phanom Gaming 4
GPU: RX5700 8 GB (Reference model) - stock (this would be replaced)
Storage: Intel 660p 1.2 TB SSD + Toshiba 2 TB HDD + Seagate 4 TB HDD
Monitor: Pixio PX275h: 2560x1440, 27", 95Hz, IPS, GSync + FreeSync
Seasonic S12 III 500W PSU. For GPU purposes it does have 2 6+2 PIN GPU power cords.

current system uses about 379W
Estimate of 419W fora 3070, or 519W for a 3080.

The 3070 might run okay in what I have, but I think 420 out of 500W might be a bit thin margin, teh 3080 would obviously need a bigger PSU
while NVidia recommends 650W for 3070 and 750W for 3080, that's with the 10700K. I think I can get away with 550W or 650W for the 3070 or 3080

and again a 3070 might be squeezed into my existing PSU, Because of costs, I'm leaning toward a 3070, but can probably get either one.

Teh question is:

With my CPU and monitor, (95 FPS max @1440p) will I see any effective difference in FPS between the two or stick with a 3070? If I get the 3070, will I be okay with my current PSU?
Sep 1, 2020
I think your CPU is good, and you have 8 core and 16 thread support which future games will probably require
I am not sure how good AMD cpus are with overclocking, but maybe see if you can get more juice out of it, but I think it's still pretty cool

Motherboard and stuff looks nice too, and you have SSD so that's good.
I really would recommend that you swap out your 500W for a 750W though, as you might be cutting it close with your current power supply, and hopefully with a newer one you will be able to better accommodate the new 12 pin card :)

I think because you are running an 8 core CPU you will of course get benefit from both, but of course 3080 is most likely gonna give you the best performance, but it might be worthwhile waiting to see how the benchmarks come out for a 3070 and see if you really want that extra performance.

I mean I would say extra never hurts, and the performance will last longer and might save you more money in the long run :)

I did the same when I splashed out with my 980ti when I could have gotten some others cheaper, and it was 5 years ago... and I can still play most games this year at high 1440p!


what I expect is my limitation is the max 95 FPS of the monitor, which I plan to use well into the 2020s.

So if the 3070 would already give me 90+ FPS at 1440P, I might not need the 3080, as it wouldn't display any better
Sep 1, 2020
Whilst that might be true, you might want to account for the fact that not everything will be well optimised, both Horizon and Avengers have had issues currently for example, and anything can happen in the coming years, so a little extra power might help!

Like sure lets say a 3080 will do closer to 90+ FPS and so will 3070 but 3080 will stay close to that for longer than 3070, as when games start getting more intense in a few years or so, then your extra power will make sure you continue benefiting from the same performance

So I suppose its more about the long term performance as well.

But Eitherways if you want to save money, a 2070 sounds to be powerful too, but best to wait for some reviews and benchmarks. I know that a lot of outlets plan to get theirs by next week to review :)
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Dec 31, 2010
Naturally, a 3080 will run more frames at a higher refresh rate than a 3070 in 1440p, so it comes down to what games you play. If you play esports games competitively, you need every advantage you can get, so the 3080 will probably work out best. If you do play esports games competitively, though, you're also going to need higher than the 95hz refresh that your current monitor is capable of. For everything else, the 3070 should be fine.