Giving away my 8800GTS 512 ***WINNER ANNOUNCED***


May 5, 2007
Hey everyone, I recently upgraded my friend's computer by selling him my old 4870x2 for real cheap, and he gave me his 8800GTS 512 to either use in a new system, or to keep as a backup card.

Well, a few months have gone by and I can tell I will most likely never use it. With that being said it is a fairly decent card that still has some life left in it! Most games can be run on high, newer games on medium (1600X1200 and lower). It could also be used for PhysX I suppose, and folding.

I see that some people have decent rigs, but sometimes lack in the video card area.

The card is an MSI, and is an overclocked version, it has been used for a few years but is in great shape.
So, I want to give it away, all I ask is that whoever gets it pays the shipping via paypal. (probably less than 10 bucks I imagine) If you're reeeeeeeealy strapped for cash maybe, just maybe I will pay for shipping too.

Here are the regulations for getting the card:

1.) you have a very low-end card in your system such as Nvidia 7 series, ATI 8 series or lower.... or a card that you think is crappy regardless of the series number.

2.) you have, or are going to have a sufficent power supply to run this card. "Minimum recommended power supply with +12 Volt current rating of 26 Amp Amps."

I would say that a high quality 500W or better should suffice.

3.) You do not have an obsolete CPU

sorry guys, if you have a P4 you're not getting this.

4.) you live in the United States

5.) You list your computer specs in this thread, and give me a very brief reason why you need this card!

Thanks for looking guys, the main idea of this give-away is to help spruce up someone's computer who is less fortunate, please do not lie about specs, and good luck!

I will decide the winner on Wed. November 4th.

EDIT: On a similar note, Sparky13 has decided to offer up his unused Rosewill 550W Power Supply, he will even pay for shipping, you can check out the thread here:



Jun 14, 2009
Jeez, that is awesome man, a great deed of you.

Well, here are my specs.

Processor: Athlon X2 4200+ OC'd to 2.81GHz (soon to be replaced by a Phenom 2 940)
GPU: Nvidia (think its an EVGA, cant be sure) 7600GS
4GB of RAM

And I just upgraded my power supply to a Rosewill 630 watt. Its more than enough to run the card.

I'd love to use the card because I've been longing to upgrade the GPU for a very very long time, and I've finally decided to do it yesterday. Been looking at the Radeon cards, because while the 7600 still runs modern games, its just not cutting it anymore. I've just bought Borderlands and I'm even having trouble running it at 1024x768. Its come to the point where I either give up PC gaming, or upgrade, which is why this card will be very useful for me.
OMG that is an awesome gesture. I used to have an 8800GTS/512MB, great card.

Can I put my cousin's system up for the vote? I'd pay for the shipping just so he could actually play some games with me. He'd love to play come FarCry2 and Crysis. Although I'm not sure if his x1950xt/256MB card falls in your old card category. Technically it is the same gen as an Nvidia 7xxx card.... Anyways, the guy has 2 daughters, 2 and 6 months, and doesn't have the cash for new equipment. Could be a nice gift for him.

System (I know I built it)
Gigabyte LGA775 P965 mobo
Core2 E6400
2GB G.Skill DDR800
Seagate 250GB
CoolMax 600W PSU
Saphire x1950xt 256MB

Raymond Philip

Nov 2, 2009
I have:

Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe
AMD Athlon 64 3700+ 2.2ghz
eVGA 7800 GT DDR3 256mb
2 GB Corsair RAM
600w Power Supply
Windows XP SP3

I bought this PC used because I am a gamer with a daughter now and the budget in no way can support a new rig. I live in Montana and will pay for shipping charges. Thank you for your consideration.


First let me say that the entire idea is a very nice gesture.
8800GTS will run without a hitch on an Antec 380.
I have an E5300CPU, and am gaming on integrated graphics. The integrated is horrible, being an nVidia 7050. I am forced to use external scripts to run my games, and I game in Direct-X 7. I do not strive for the top; all I want is to play my games decently.
I come from a line of old computers. I've never known anything to be on High Settings. I've owned three computers:

AMD Athlon 1ghz processor
nVidia 5200FX

AMD Athlon 64 2ghz processor
Radeon x700
1GB DDR 400mhz RAM (currently my gaming rig)

2'nd one explained below.

I have always helped people on this forum, and I continue to do so.

I have never used any sort of graphics above an x700 graphics card, even in my new computer, I will be using an HD4670, and I can only use this computer for 2 days out of every 14, due to parental separation issues.

550W Corsair PSU ( I was planning on asking for an HD4650 for my Birthday, or possibly Christmas. But it'd be a bit tough, considering my parents don't like spending money on, "those darn video games!")...which is why I pre-bought a PSU.
2x 140GB HDD.
2GB DDR667 single-channel RAM. (No-brand).
WinVista 32-bit.

I live in the United States (Ohio), and thank-you for considering my post.

To give you an idea of what I play on..

In 640x480, using these scripts.
I struggle to get 40FPS.
*CS:S Pix


Nov 2, 2009
Well, even if Im not chosen (man that would be awesome!), and someone else gets it...I would love to take someone's old card. My HD 3450 just doesnt cut the mustard. Heck, im not sure it would even spread the mustard, ha ha. Anyway, I have a pcie 2.0 x16 slot on my board if anyone else has a "junk card" they no longer want....Ill take anything that will max out most games @ 720 resolution

Just be happy, yo. Anything you have is more than 10x better than mine. With that knowledge, sleep well.



See, you could have been in with a chance but you missed the most important thing. ;)


Jul 8, 2009
I have a:

AMD Athlon 64 FX 60
ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe
2 gig Crucial Ram
Ultra LSP650 650-Watt Power Supply
WinXP Media Center

I used to play so much on my gaming desktop until my video card just stoped working. The GPU was a Nvidia 7900 gtx 521mb and since it broke i've been using my laptop. I don't game as much anymore because my laptop gets pretty hot quick, and can't handle games past low settings. I would be more then happy to pay for the S&H if I qualify, btw thanks for offering your card to us for free.
Very nice gesture. It makes moving on to new stuff so much easier (I feel sad retiring the old ones). I really should do that with my 2900XT (rather than letting it gather dust in the closet) but I'm lazy and I doubt there would be as much interest.


May 5, 2007
First of all let me say that reading some of these posts: I honestly wish I had a spare video card for everybody to give away, it will be tough choosing who gets it, please don't take it personally if you are not chosen. I will pick a winner on Wed. anyone who wants to join, just post in this thread for consideration.

Also, I plan on doing more give-aways as I upgrade (which I do very often) thanks. - annisman


May 5, 2007

yes, I will certainly consider you're cousin as a candidate.
Nice of you to give away 8800GTS, however I have to say the title of the thread is a bit misleading.

Stating "Giving away my unused 8800GTS 512" implies it has not been used at all. While it may be technically true that you never used it, it is still a used video card because it came from your friend's system.

Okay, I'm leaving this thread now before people start calling me a Grinch and toss lumps of coal at me.



I was going to toss my name into the ring until I read that about that poor b@$t@rd who has to game using IGP. While I would love a 8800GTS, he obviously needs it more. (E6600, 4GBs, Antec EA500, and an 8800GS.)


Jul 4, 2009
i just recently upgraded my cpu to athlon II x4 620... am considering a gts250 for replacing this old old x1950gt 256mb that i had... i bought this when ati has nothing good to compete with nvidia, while nvidia was charging $500+ for a decent card... this still handles WoW fine, but i would like to catch up some new games... i'm sure your 8800gts would perform very very similar result to gts250!! my psu is 600w seasonic... it should be more than capable =]

my rig currently:

amd athlon II x4 620 cpu
asus M3A78-EM mothboard
sapphire x1950gt 256mb gfx card
2gb ddr2 ram
seasonic s12 600w psu
nzxt appollo case


Jun 1, 2009
I'd really love to get this for my system, but I live in Canada, it'd be nice if you could make an exception :D

My current System is:

AMD 4200 @2.2GHz
Nvidia Nforce 4series w/intergrated graphics
3Gigs of ram
Seagate .10 250bg HDD

My computer was mostly built out of things that were given to me that were left overs of my causins own builds and things that he had gotten from helping others upgrade their computers.

It would be great if I could get this card, I'm still a highschool student so getting a good card right now is really just a luxury that I cant afford~


Jan 30, 2009
Love to nab this card for my wife I'll gladly pay you for shipping as well. She's rocking an evga 7800 GT CO SE at the moment and its a tad lacking when she plays games at 1680x1050. Rest of the specs: Core2 duo E6400 2.13 oc @ 3.0, 4 gigs of Crucial Ballistix Tracer 1066 ram, on a MSI P6N Diamond 680i mobo. She's got a Rosewill RP600V2-S-SL 600W way more than enough to handle a 8800 gts 512. I'm in the USAF and as an E4 money can be a little tight (especially during the holiday season) for the family of 4 that we have. So it'd be a nice holiday upgrade for her if you want to send it my way. Hit me up if you want to work out shipping or whatever. Thnx for offering it up either way.