Question Giving Up on Dell


Jan 28, 2019
I had two Dell laptops crash HARD within a few days of each other, and they've been in for repair since last month. Both delayed due to lack of parts (one in warranty, the other out of warranty.) I have had repeated problems with Dell using an old address for billing (thank God I fixed it -- MULTIPLE TIMES over the past year -- before systems were shipped back after repair) and their customer service is poor. Their systems have been down when I've tried to inquire about system status, reps can be difficult to understand (always courteous, however), etc. I'm starting to think it is time to do business with another laptop manufacturer. It is time to get rid of a few older systems I have (one of which was expensive and bought new barely three few years ago, suddenly failed catastrophically literally one week before warranty expiration, now they don't have replacement parts for it after I bought extended warranty literally two weeks before end of original warranty). Time to go with a better product and customer service experience.

Do any companies have US-based Customer Support or exceptionally high customer support ratings? Thanks in advance for helpful replies.
Jan 11, 2020
Hello, mmlewis73!

I just have 1 suggestion: Razer laptops.

I don't use laptops, however I know Razer makes high quality laptops and they have great customer support (I bought mice from them and had a few questions and they helped right away)

There are probably a lot more good laptop manufacturers but Razer is the only one I really know and they are great! That's just my opinion

Also note that Razer primarily makes gaming laptops, so if you are looking for a laptop that you can use for work, etc. listen to other people (but don't get me wrong Razer laptops can be used for work as well). But pretty much if you want a gaming laptop Razer is the correct choice.

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Bought a MSI laptop back in 2013 that i still use and game on every day. Was the top of the line model for 15.6" screen when i bought it and only issue ive had was replacing the battery a few years ago, but what do you expect out of a 7 year old laptop.

I cant talk for the home side of Dell but i dont have any issues with the business side of things for desktops. We use HP servers, let me tell you i felt like a dog after jumping through so many hoops to get a brand new server fixed. They replaced 1 cpu, a day later the other cpu, a few days latter all of the ram. After still having the same issues and Bch'n at them for a week straight they finally came out and replaced the motherboard. That was probably the worst customer support from a tech company ive ever had.

Now if EVGA could just build an entire computer, I've had the pleasure of dealing with them once, its like being in a room filled with puppies and kittens. They were so nice.