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Question glitches and crashes suddenly appeared, now i'm stuck in a glitched windows boot manager

Jun 23, 2020
Hey guys, i just had some unusual problems and i'm getting hopeless so i need some help. (my english isn't perfect btw sorry)

my specs: i5 4460, r9 280x, 8giga of ram

So two days ago, while i was playing overwatch, my pc suddenly crashed and my screen just showed the most predominant color of the last image and i got disconnected on discord.
Here is a picture of my screens after it crashed:
View: https://imgur.com/a/V9EvDg4

I just restarted my computer after verifying that every cable were plugged well and i cleaned my computer. And after that, everything was back to normal. (i didnt launched overwatch after the crash)

So yesterday, the same thing happened before but when i restarted my computer, these weird stripes showed up on my second screen: View: https://imgur.com/a/apNkRmn

And then a blackscreen appeared.
After restarting a second time my computer (by clicking 5sec on the power on) it went back to normal.

Here are some stats with the amd software when overwatch was on: View: https://imgur.com/a/cZCbiH7

Overwatch didnt crash on the main menu but when i entered the training mode or anything when we controlled the character, it did, showed the predominant color again, even if overwatch was in the background

I precise that everytime i say that i restart my computer, i click 5sec on my power on because i was stuck and had no option.

So today when i started my computer, the weird stripes came back and when i restarted my computer i went into environnemental mode and repaired my computer. It went back to normal and i tried going into safe mode.
Again, only the right screen showed something and here what it showed: View: https://imgur.com/WdHNDqP

When i restarted it (like not into safe mode), it didn't came back to normal and this windows boot manager appeared: View: https://imgur.com/a/Dpxk5DE

and by scrolling this link, you can see a picture of the screen without glitches (found it on google)

Any help is appreciated, i don't think i have the money to see a professional and i dont really want to reset everything because there are some good memories on it.