Question Glitchy CS:GO but ping is 19ms

Aug 12, 2020
Hello. My CS:GO is so glitchy and I can guess by looking at this the problem is caused by ping. My ping is 19ms. I was using wifi internet by wifi adapter but then I knew Its not good for gaming, now Im using a cable and CS:GO is still glitchy. I did internet speed test and It shows my internet speed download speed is 32.81 mbps, upload is 11.68 mbps. I have also followed a lot of ping fix guides from Youtube. What should I do to get rid of that glitch?
First speedtest is only testing the connectivity between you and the speedtest site the game site might have different performance numbers.

Speedtest is generally not designed to test latency (ie ping) it is designed to check bandwidth. There are sites that can check what is called jitter which is the consistency of the latency but again it does not really tell you if it is the same as the game company servers.

You are best off doing it yourself. Leave a ping cmd run in a background window to some common IP like If you see large variations....more than say 100ms happen a lot then you might have a issue. You can also do it to the game company but you need the actual game servers not the authentication server. Some of these do not respond to ping so you need to use tracert to find the closest device in the game company netork that will respond.

Be very careful many issues with games are not actual network issues even when the game claims there is a network delay. What can happen is the game send a ping/or whatever it uses to the game server. The game server responds but when the response arrives the game is busy say doing video rendering. When it finally finishes and retrieves the packet from windows buffer it blames this extra time when it was busy doing other stuff on the network.