Question Glitchy mouse and keyboard


Jun 26, 2017
Hi guys,

I have a PC I built in 2012 - I have an intel i5 3450S CPU; 8gb RAM (Corsair Vengeance PC Memory 8GB 2x4GB DDR3 SDRAM DIMM 240-pin 1600MHz CL9 XMP); PSU: Corsair CX430; mobo is Asus pZ77-M.

Hard drives are both SSD (for C Drive / OS - Samsung 850 Evo 250gb), and then HDD Toshiba HDWD130 for general storage. I installed Windows 10 and have bitlocker drive encryption.

I've tested the CPU (Intel's test); I've tested the RAM (windows' test) - both seem fine; no overheating on the CPU. But every so often - particularly later in the day, and if lots of apps have been running, the keyboard, which is wireless, and the mouse (a logitech wireless combo with the keyboard) stop working, or go horribly glitchy, so the cursor moves jerkily, or you can't see it, and keyboard keystrokes disappear, or the computer ignores the keystrokes altogether, or they're delayed.

I've got an old fashioned wired keyboard, which suffers the same fate i.e. it also won't type when the glitches are present, but works fine at other times, so I've worked out it is not the keyboard/mouse; I've also moved the wireless receiver just in case to a different USB port, but this also didn't improve things. Restarting does not get rid of the glitches either, but shutting down for several hours seems to allow things to recover.

The 2 areas where the mouse/keyboard issue are most obvious are when I'm on either Microsoft Office programs (excel/word/outlook), or Adobe PDFs. I regularly update the PC, and make sure all windows updates and security/antivirus stuff is kept up to date - I use Glary Utlities for this alongside Windows security/anti virus/anti malware - I also use Malware Hunter.

I believe (as far as I can ascertain) that the hardware is OK, having tested it, though I'd be guided by you clever lot if I'm missing a trick.

Does anyone have any clue where to do some more digging to fix this lot? I'm thinking it may be lurking in Windows 10 somewhere, but I don't quite know enough to sort it permanently.

Any guidance much appreciated. Please no silly "Try turning it on and off again..." type replies!




Aug 30, 2019
Open task manager, sort it by CPU usage highest to lowest and see what's using up all the CPU when it starts glitching. If the CPU isn't 100% or close to it when it happens, I'd be surprised. If it isn't, do the same for Ram.