Question Global Terrestrial Circuit Capacity Management


Jul 23, 2023
Does anyone manage cost on a global MPLS network interconnecting and purchasing capacity on cables connecting regions and countries?

We currently manage our own terrestrial infrastructure globally and purchase our own capacity across these links for our global clients.

Like all businesses, there is a push to drive down cost, get better visibility, and be more agile in getting sharp pricing.

Current annual spend is 6-10M USD.

Currently our network is driven by MPLS and with a wider adoption of SDWAN, has anyone transitioned over to a full SDWAN core?

There are two motives, one is to reduce cost on the terrestrial. Is it now time to look at other global carriers to offload some of our circuits, or is this likely to have a negative effect on cost when we manage it ourselves.

The second, can we achieve better outcomes utilising our own SDWAN core, incorporating internet solutions as backup paths with global ports in different POPs etc. Utilsing a SDWAN core could potentially remove the requirement for a MPLS equipment and utilize SDWAN software (and likely cheaper hardware) for the routing engines, maybe cheaper than utilising a Juniper/Cisco core?

Has anyone gone down a change in mindset on service delivery?
There never is a free lunch. The reason MPLS exists is because it gives you a guarantee in writing of latency and bandwidth.
You have always been able to just run VPN over the internet for much less money but trade off is you now are blinding competing for bandwidth with every other user on the internet.

SDWAN is fairly new and I retired from networking before it was much more than a theory. From what I can tell it mostly a feature that cloud data center providers are selling. It is used more to access these hosted data centers than to say connect offices together.

I suspect there is some reason it would be cheaper than MPLS that means it is also of less quality. More the question is do you need the quality. Kinda the trade off of using VPN.

But since I no longer get to paid to play with commercial networks I never bothered to learn this. Like stated above you are very lucky someone like me is even on this forum. This site is almost all consumer stuff...pc gamers in particular.

I am going to bet you still need to use expensive commercial equipment like cisco. Your best option for information is likely going to be forums on cisco or junipers sites.
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Agree with the above "off-track".

Your question appears to be a homework assignment, a final exam, or perhaps a work project.

No way to really know the truth of the matter from this side.

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Here is what you need to do:

Add more details and explanation about the working environment.

Provide what you believe are the answers to each of your questions and cite references as necessary.

Quantify as applicable and appropriate.

Include pros and cons. Possible trade-offs. Risks/Benefits. Scope. Necessary resources, etc..

Then solicit ideas and suggestions.