Question Gmail says i have a session open on another device, further inspection it comes from an "Unknown" access type but has the same IP and location as me.


Sep 29, 2021
First of all, let me clear a few things. I never sign in to Gmail yet alone my google account to any other device expect my one, which is not publicly accessible meaning people are unable to use my computer without me knowing. When I go to security sessions on google there are no recent signs ins, the only thing in that section is the 2 factor authentication i put on my account a few days ago. As for the current session section the only device there is mine and it says I'm logged in with 1 session running presumably mine i guess. It also says I use no other sites or apps that i use google to log in with and also no linked accounts associated with my google as well. In the screenshot provided shows the concurrent session which is referring to the other device, you can see it comes from an unknown access type but has the same IP and location as me. I want to reiterate I only use this device to sign into my google account and gmail, this is further proven by the fact that google says I only have one session open on this device in google security settings. Also we can see all the logins from me and the unknown acesss share the same IP and location. Sometimes the unknown logs into the gmail in the exact same time I do indicated by the date and time section. Help me figure this out please. Thank you kindly.

Screenshot displaying activity section: (Wouldn't let me post the link, no clue why)
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