Go Cheap Now and Upgrade with Haswell?


Apr 11, 2012
Waiting for Ivy Bridge is not an issue for me as I need to wait for GTX680 supply to catch up with demand, but with the rumored announcement that Haswell will be released March 2013 I have a bit of a dilemma.

I am building 2 beefy gaming PCs. Do I go with a Ivy Bridge with a z77 board, or do I go with a Sandy Bridge with a cheap MB now and upgrade with Haswell? Or does a i5 2500 with a GTX680 handle every game out there today with maxed out settings so I should just do that and wait until games push me to the next level of hardware?


Jan 20, 2012
2500+GTX 680 can't handle everything maxed at 1080p. Games like Battlefield 3 already will push you to the next level of hardware, as the 680 alone is not much of a revolution in raw performance compared to SLI rigs. Ivy bridge wont improve game performance by much, I have yet to see Haswell in action. Just a warning to you before you expect to much of the 2500+680 configuration. Not that the 680 is bad, just wont run any game on max settings, no single card can most likely (save the 590 and 6990).

If you want just go with the 2500 and 680 right now...I don't know why people think Ivy is going to be so much better when Intel clearly is making improvements mainly on the integrated graphics chip. Sandy will do just as good in my opinion.