Go with XFX Radeon HD 4650 or ASUS GeForce 9600GSO V2


Aug 28, 2009
I want to buy a new video card so i can play games faster and not so laggy.
I will need to get a power supply 400W a Form factor micro-ATX: 9.6 in X 9.6 in.
Should I buy XFX Radeon HD 4650 600MHZ 1GB 800MHZ DDR2 AGP8X Dual DVI-I HDCP TV Out Video Card which costs $89.99 CAD
or ASUS GeForce 9600GSO V2 550MHZ 512MB 1.4GHZ DDR3 PCI-E VGA DVI HDMI HDCP Video Card for $39.99 CAD After mail in rebate
for faster game play. Does DDR3 not heat up so hot like DDR2?


Jun 18, 2007
You need to clarify some things in your post. Are you buying a new power supply, motherboard, and video card? The cards you mentioned use different slots, the 4650 you picked out uses an AGP slot, and the 9600 uses a PCI-Express slot. You would have to get a motherboard that matches the slot of whichever card you choose. It would help if you gave us the rest of your system specs too because it might not even be the video card that is holding you back.
Well, what kind of slot(s) does your motherboard have? You cannot use an AGP video card in a PCI Express slot, and vice versa.
You say you need to get a power supply; do you not have one now? Please reply with more details, if you expect to get useful answers.

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