Mar 19, 2009
Can anyone clarify...

I am under the assumption that getting a new phenom II is a waste of money unless you desperately need a new CPU right now.

I figure in a few months, the 3.0 gig phenom may come clocked a little higher, possibly around 100 watts, and be AM3, giving the ability to get almost double the RAM speeds. In addition, I would hate have a $200 phenom II 940 only a few months used sitting around the house if my assumption are correct and I go out and by an AM3 version of the 940.

I want one pretty bad, but my 9850BE @ 3.2 is really more than enough at the moment. I really am just a newbie enthusiast.

Anyone care to set me straight


Jan 27, 2009
It all depends on what you want to do. If like me, the main reason to upgrade is to play the latest games, then there does not seem to be any point right now.

Crysis is still the best looking game, and is now 2 years old.
GTA IV needs a high spec machine for all the wrong reasons.

and thats about it lol

AM3 will be around for a good while, and AMD are pretty good with back compatibility. If you really want to upgrade its as future proof as your going to get I guess.
My advice is, if your current rig does what you want, why bother upgrading ?
Just WAIT...dont get the P II 940 now...
And what you heard is right...AMD is set to release the P II 955 clocked at 3.2...
So wait till its launch and then buy the CPU
(Reason - It will bring down the price of other CPUs as well. U may even get the 940 for $150 who knows...)


Feb 26, 2006

You should read some benchmarks on the new cpu's as both the Phenom II and the CoreI7 don't see much improvements with DDR3 memory or triple channel memory.