Question Good 1080p 120hz lower input tv. Any suggestions?


Aug 5, 2017
(to start with, I sit a good distance from my screen so a widescreen monitor is out of the question and I also sit further back to watch some netflix or such). So my old LG TV (42LF5800) ended up dying at my hands a couple weeks ago and I can now afford a replacement. These are the specs I would like to hit but I am willing to flex around it.


anything higher than 1080p OR 4k 60hz with option to go to 1080p 120hz

43" preferred but anything from 40"-50" will work

$200-$400 (I don't care about apps like Roku and such as I have my computer connected to this, but I do care about settings and such so I can turn off things like CMI)

My old TV had 49ms input lag which isn't great but I'm not a hugely competitive guy so if I can stay at ~50ms or lower would be a bonus

I've been looking at the TCL 43S425 as my next TV, however I am unsure if I can get any more than 60hz at a lower resolution and I'd like to have something higher than 60hz finally. I fully understand that I'm not going to get more than 60hz 4k without breaking bank which is why I'm willing to do 1440p 90hz or really any upgrade from 1080p 60hz. Can anyone tell me any better TVs for gaming as I'm unsure of my ability to choose the best one for me. Thank you for any help offered.