Question Good 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot Device?


Sep 1, 2012

I am in search of a good 4G LTE mobile hotspot device. Right now in my location, I don't have good internet access so I am wanting to use my unlimited hotspot feature I still have with T-Mobile. With that being said, can someone recommend me a good 4G LTE mobile hotspot device? I don't want to spend $200 like the Nighthawk M1 costs. I have a desktop PC I mainly watch Twitch sreams on, a PS4, 4 cellphones, and 1 TV that would like to have Netflix on.

You need to read the fine print carefully. Last time I looked the unlimited hotspot stuff on tmobile meant you could use THEIR hotspots at places like starbucks etc. They still consider hotspot tethered usage and depending on what plan you buy they let you have a certain amount of high speed bandwidth and then a so called "unlimited" amount at a lower speed.

Why can you not just use your phone as a hotspot. There are ways to tether a phone to some routers but you would have to look into which router support which phones.

Other than this the best option is to buy a small modem type USB device. Many routers support using this as the wan connection. These device require a different plan to activate on tmobiles network.

If your goal is to pretend all your traffic is coming from the phone so you do not get speed limited tmobile tries to make that impossible. You could use a phone that has a HDMI output and connect it to a tv or monitor. You can watch netflix and twitch on the phone and just display it on big screen. That is allowed within their unlimited plans, last time I looked it they even had plans that included a netflix subscription.
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