Good 775 motherboard for HTPC


Feb 3, 2010
I'm looking for a new motherboard to put in an HTPC build I plan on doing, and was curious as to what I should use to make it. Currently, I have:
Intel Pentium D 820 Dual Core Processor
375 Watt Power Supply
1GB DDR2 RAM stick
250GB SATA Hard Drive

I want to build the cheapest computer possible with those parts, and am looking to use this computer to play 1080p video through an HDMI connection. I would prefer the new motherboard to be:
Mini/Micro ATX (to fit in the mini case I have)
have an HDMI port that outputs audio as well, and can play that 1080p video with no stuttering
have a PCIe port, for a graphics card, if the processor can't play the HD content

I'd really like to buy this motherboard off Ebay, because I have some credit I need to use up, and would prefer to use the parts I already have laying around to complete the build, keeping the total price of any new parts(i.e. motherboard) under 40 dollars. Can anybody recommend a motherboard that is one of the newer LGA775 motherboards that has an HDMI port, or a cheap graphics card and motherboard that would be able to do what I need it to? If I'm not being clear on something, please tell me!

Also, this dilemma leads to me wondering where I can find a place to compare the feature sets of 775 boards, since Newegg doesn't allow the comparison of deactivated products =(

Thanks so much!