Question good air cooler for 11700k

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The 11900k would have been 10 core except Intel ported the 10nm process onto 14nm chips which left viable cpus but not enough to support 10 cores. And then rushed them out the door. In the mean time IBM is working on 2nm sheets, so I'm wondering what's the holdup in Intels R&D division that they are still horsing around with 14nm.

Point is, if you do get an 11700k, you still get a respectable cpu, especially if moving up from 3rd or 4th Gen Intel, the gains will be magik, it's only in comparison to its peers, both 10th Gen and Ryzen 5x, that it seems quite lackluster for its price.
Well, have to take anyone's measurement of their own process with a little skepticism. But still, long way from prototype to production yields. IBM is saying four years to production. TSMC has 5nm now and plans for 3nm around the same time. Intel should have 7nm/5nm by then as well. I can't recall off the top of my head where Samsung is at on the next node, I know they were doing gate all around while TSMC is sticking with FinFET. Intel also has a GAA division, though they have been rather silent.


It is probably better to base product selections on actual performance than for specs.
Very, very true that 👍, if you take All the performance into consideration.

Buddy of mine had a 900HP+ supercharged 454 in a 72 Nova that would do 0-60 in 3.0 seconds flat. That's amazing performance in itself. But what wasn't said was it's top speed was right at @ 60mph and almost 6000rpm, simply because the rear end gears were so tall. Change those from 4.11 to 2.73 and you'd have a 300mph car doing 0-60 in 1.00 minutes instead of a 60mph car doing 0-60 in 0.02 minutes.

Much depends on the particular point of view. I find myself preferring Ryzens overall performance to Intels particular strong single core performance at the cost of considerably higher wattage requirements. If that's a byproduct of a denser but larger nm process then maybe Intel needs to tear a page or 3 out of AMD's book and rethink their parameters and specs on paper.

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Jun 26, 2015