Good and cool-looking mid -tower case with more than 10.5" GPU length?


Apr 9, 2009
Well atm the max GPU length is 10.5" However I am worried in the future there will be GPUs even reaching 11 or 12"

At first I was thinking about getting the Antec 902 but its max is 10.5" So I was wondering what are some good-quality and cool looking mid-tower cases out there that will support...say 11" cards? to be future proof.
I agree with geofelt - even the double GPU cards (GTX 295 & 4870 x2) manage to stay under 11".
But if you want to keep your option for longer cards open look at the CM Storm Scouts big brother
- Cooler Master Storm Sniper.
A nice feature I like is that you can turn off your LED lights if you wish. CM Storm Sniper $150 @ NewEgg

With 9.5" 4870 video card installed: