Apr 1, 2012
I've been looking at this case, and I was wondering if someone uses it or has used it and if they can recommend it. I'm on a budget and I don't really want to spend a whole on a case, which is the reason why I chose a 'cheap' case. I live in Denmark btw and this case costs around the 50 $, you are welcome to recommend another case but I seriously doubt it'll be cheap in Denmark. This case has 4 fans and for the price there's really nothing that beats it in theory.

PS: I know that this case used to be made by ASUS, but I am not sure of the quality now.

I use this site to check the prices,, just use the search bar at the top right. :)


I do not own this case but will give my input.

It doesnt appear to have any significant cons as far as I can tell. The fact that it has mesh panels could be a con in some peoples opinions (inability to force pressure differentials, potential for increased dust, lack of protection from spillage if youre messy) but it looks like a solid budget case overall. Cooling doesnt appear to be a problem in the case as long as occasional cleaning isnt a problem for you.

As far as specific features, as long as it can hold your hardware comfortable then I cant see a problem on that side of things.

Hopefully somebody with experience with the case can give you more specifics about it.
If anyone who did own the case was surfing around THG forums today - how would they know to look in on this topic?
-> The make and model of the case should [strike]have been[/strike] be in the topic title.


Dec 7, 2011
Toms made a review about cases at the 50$ and lower price tag:,2723.html

This might help you.

Also I just want to aad that going for a poor airflow case to save money might cost you more $ in the end if you plan to buy a i5-2500k. That CPU is easy enough to overclock (easy to understand and many many guide are around to OC that chip). So with a good airflow case you might just be able to overclock your i5 instead of replacing it in a few years. Also you don't have to spend 100$ + to get a decent case if you don,t want too.
After looking around on I didn't see any cases within 50kr that I thought was a quality case with 2x 120mm fans.

Closest I found was the Thermaltake V3 Black Edition for 324 kr but just a single 120mm case fan.