Question Good cheap sound card.


I accidentally whacked an audio related cap on my motherboard installing a GPU today.

I know ill have to pay return shipping for rma from MSI and i don't feel like replacing the cap rn tbh.

I may look into replacing the cap later, but for now i probably will look into sound cards.

So im looking for a reliable audio card that is cheap. I really dont care if is sounds better than the onboard alc 892 audio but i wouldn't want worse.

I would like support for my front panel headphone jack so this rules out usb cards

My budget is preferably under or around 25 if possible, but i will go higher if i can get a significantly better product for not much more.
Here is one for $40.
To meet your budget, look for used on ebay.
First verify that there was no other damage to the motherboard.

Since you damaged the motherboard yourself, MSI is not going to replace/fix it for you without a charge.
Plan on $50 + and shipping.
But, I guess that any discrete sound card is going to give you sound equivalent to motherboard sound.
Completely agree, personally I am using a Sound Blaster Play! 3 at the $19 sale price it's a very cheap solution - I am using it with a Samson SR850 and a clip mic. I originally used it to get rid of the mic hiss and static over the mobo mic inputs and a bonus was the SBX audio surround being preferable over the realtec 3d IMO.