Question Good corner computer desk for both a PC and a console?


Oct 17, 2018
Recently I moved into a new house with not enough room space for both my consoles and my PC in one room with seperate desks. Previously I would have my consoles connected to my monitor and would switch between the two, however my current monitor doesn't have enough HDMI ports for both consoles and my headphones aren't compatible with them either. I also need a desk that won't break down under the weight of my full tower gaming rig.

So basically I need a corner desk that's bigger, can suport a 1080p tv and two consoles on the shorter corner, and enough space on the longer corner for both my full tower computer, my curved 28 inch monitor, and my desk pad.
Shelves would be a bonus.
My budget is $120, preferably with free shipping. If there is a better option that goes slightly above I'd be willing to pay a little extra and go for that.


You can build what you need using IKEA parts. I'd get a micke corner desk for the PC monitor and stick another micke straight desk against it for the TV and console.

More expensive than your budget, but can find them used easily.

Otherwise you are stuck with cheaper quality stuff but it won't be as sturdy. My son bought something like this and I'm using it now, holds up pretty well with a tower PC and a few monitors and keyboards. You can always add some boards for more stability.