Good cyberpower gaming pc?


Nov 20, 2012
Straight to the point!:)
My budget is about 600$
My first time picking/building a gaming pc.
I saw this CyberPower pc at NewEgg, and wanted to ask you, the experts if it was a good deal and if it would allow me ot play games such as TERA/Guild Wars 2 on max/medium setting with decent FPS on every situation.
Sorry if it's too much to ask, I just got into the gaming industry and need a better computer.
Here's it
Would i be able to upgrade later if need to?
Do you guys recommend any changes/new build for cheaper but better or equal to it?
Thanks in advance!!!!
I think you can do better as well. It is really a lower end gamer. At the very least make sure it has a good CPU and you can upgrade the power supply and graphics card later. My co worker got a CyberPower 2+ years ago on Newegg, a first gen i5. He upgraded the power supply and video card and it plays anything he wants. You can put one together on their site as well with everything you want. I'm sure they have holiday sales.
Buying a prebuilt gamer for $600 is a tall order. If you built it yourself you can take advantage of cherry picking components on sale and have good deals. Also, you aren't paying another companies costs to build it. You could find a good future gamer candidate that would need a PSU and Video card upgrade later, that would run about $600. However, a system with a good video card is going to be tough.

This is probably the best one I could fine that would play some games on lower settings, but it has bad reviews.