Good Entry Level Sound Card


Feb 27, 2012
Hi, all.

I'm looking for some advice on a good sound card for around $60 max. I'm looking for a simple PCI interface, 5.1 audio or above, and an internal header for my front audio ports. I haven't really done any research into audio, I completely disregarded it when I built this machine. Honestly I haven't really cared about it up until now. I just get more stuck up about PC's as time goes on. I've started noticed some static in the sound, bad bass, other crap like that. Realtek...
The ASUS Xonar DX is considered the best of the entry level soundcards, and is typically handing around the $75 mark now. Problem is, its PCI-E. The older ASUS Xonar D1 or HT Omega Striker have a very simmilar feature set though, but those tend to cost a bit more due to lack of supply.