Good gaming mouse


Apr 14, 2012
I'm looking for a good gaming mouse.

I'm stuck between choosing:

Steelseries Xai
Logitech G9x
Razer Deathadder

Which one would be I choose?



Nov 15, 2009
You can't go wrong with either choice. If price is a deciding factor I'd buy a Deathadder or an MX518/G400. I personally prefer optical mice due to bad experience with laser sensors. Many other gamers will tell you that optical mice are the way to go. If you're ok with laser mice though, the Xai and G9x share the same sensor, so the choice is pretty simple.


Oct 12, 2011
ive used enough razer stuff to know there over priced and they under perform..
i had the lachesis and like 4/5 of em the MMB broke.
now i have the rat 7 and apart from adjustability it to is an overprice mouse.
if you can find a death adder cheap or a logitech g400 then get eather of em. dont bother with any other suggestions.


Feb 5, 2010

actually there is no point going got rat 7

rat5 is similar to rat 7 just with a couple less buttens (costs around £50)

rat 3 just doesnt have an adjustable palm rest (costs about £35)

personally i recently grabbed a rat5

if you can try to find a place where you can actually use them

(amazon have the cyborg 7 rat mouse on offer for £55

death adder mouse is around 50 on amazon


depends what you want for your mouse... i wanted a mouse i could get close to my screens dpi and the rat 7 offerd it. with its 25 step rate... not to mention its twin eye is the most accurate of any twin eye system... i have the contagion not the stock rat 7 which doesn't have half the issues the original model had... add to that it has 0 acceleration when you disable it. some mice you supposedly turn it off but instead you get negative acceleration... like i said its an ok mouse but very over priced. along with a high DOA rate i cant recommend it...
but like i said you can get just as good by spending a lot less on a quality mouse. if you want reconfigurability where you can move the buttons to suite your thumb length then the rat 7 is a choice and its 1 i chose... would i buy it again? doubtful...
80 pounds is quite a lot of money for a mouse. especialy as there are 30 pound mice that are just as good for accuracy...


Feb 5, 2010

did you even read the post

i said amazon have the rat7 on offer for £55 not 80

its like you say its what the person wants. do they want a normal mouse that is comfy or one with extra features

your rite they do but considering im talking about the contagion... maybe you should have read my post ;) ...
the rat 7 is not the rat 7 contagion which is the model i was on about. there 2 different mice. 1 has a poor sensor while the contagion doesnt... they both look similar but thats it. they certainly dont perform the same...