Question Good graphics card underperforming

Aug 21, 2019
I have a long story with ruining my life,
I have a Dell G7 gaming laptop (i7-8th gen, 8 gb ram, gtx 1060(6gb) 256 gb ssd(and 1tb toshiba hard drive which i bought and got installed from somewhere)Windows 10 pro). And it is fairly new, it is less than 6 months old. So the first issue that started coming was that my laptop speed wont go above 0.79 Ghz, I thought it was a thermal issue and had to get thermal pasting becoz my friend has the same laptop and had the same issue (that is how he got it fixed). Afterwards, My friend updated the bios and stuff about a week ago, and now my pc seems to be performing like it was before(which is gud, tw I even reset my pc because i thought it was a virus).
Now the second issue had arrived just after, I ran some benchmarks, which said that my graphics card was not performing properly, I have a 1060 max q, which used to give me powerful performance, like in fortnite I easily hit 144 fps on everything low/ medium except for view distance (which was max). But now, the game wont even load, it boots up, I ready up, and as soon as I jump out of the bus it crashes, same with Forza 6 apex, it crashes on the loading screen itself. I dont know why this is happening.
Also, if it helps, I got a new hard drive about 2 weeks after I got my laptop, which is a toshiba hard drive. The HDD didnt fit properly so it is bulging out a little bit from underneath the laptop.
Also, Sometimes my laptop refuses to turn on, which i think is becoz of the HDD, I turn it on, it turns on for a second, sometimes get me to the lock screen and then it shuts down, just black screen, and then doesnt turn on for a few seconds, I try again and the same thing happens, then i karate chop slap the part on top of where my hdd is annd then turn it on, and sometimes it does turn on. I will get my hard drive fixed or replaced in these coming week, but IDK how but for now it seems to work, pls help.

TLDR--- in short, Graphics car underperforming IDK how even though it is pretty powerful, probably cuz of hdd(i think)
and my laptop doesnt turn on (also cuz of hdd or battery)