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Question Good h.264 converter

I have an ANNKE surveillance system that downloads captured video in h.264 (+ ) mp4. The system comes with it's own h.264 video player that works great with the video files, but the files need to be converted to be shared and so far all the converters creates a narrowed distorted image. Is there any converter that is capable of coverting these files without distorting them? Here is an example of how the video turns out;
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-bSVN_VwYs
this was converted by You tube but it's the same with other converters
Use mediainfo on one of the video files and post the results here set it up to show text,it should look like this,you can copy paste the text directly into a reply no need to upload a picture.The best would be if you could upload a small clip somewhere like google drive or something so people could look at the original file.
It looks like the recording is at a weird resolution or aspect ratio and thus the converters stretch it to fit.

Also there is always OBS,record the window of the player that comes with the system.
Yup,just as I thought your video is in 960x1080 while every program expects 1920x1080,the video is about 1000 pixels too narrow which is why it shows like that.
Try the resizing option in handbrake to turn it into 1920x1080.
Well that actually worked. HB would not let me change the width, but I could change the height. I simply resized it to 960x 540 and it came out perfect! Thanks