Question Good headsets for $100?

Nov 13, 2020
hi there,

so this is just my personal preference but i have the Razer kraken tournament edition. its very well priced as i only paid about £70 gbp. that being said the quality is great, its nice and comfortable, has 7.1 surround with THX surround and has full audio control. il post a link so you can check it out yourself, on the razer website its $99 but im sure you could pay a little less if its on sale at another retailer.

hope this helps!
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Is this for gaming? Do you need a mic?

If for gaming the conclusion I have come to after countless headsets over the years is don’t buy a gaming headset, you will get a better sounding headset for the money getting a non gaming headset. However non gaming headsets won’t have a mic.

For games that I don’t need a mic I use AKG712 Pro’s. These things are awesome. For games that do need a mic or when using an XBox I use Sennheiser GSP600’s. Both cost me about the same (good deal on the AKG’s) but the AKG’s are leagues ahead in sound quality and comfort. The AKG’s do need a stronger Amp/soundcard though.

There are options like modmic for adding a mic but I decided to have 2 headsets as there are downsides from what I read.

As for things like surround sound and THX, that has nothing to do with the headset itself. It’s all software. A usb headset might add those features automatically but there is nothing special about the headset, it’s part of the usb soundcard. These things can be achieved with any headset with the right software or DAC/Amp.


Hello, i have some money left over and am wondering what's a good headset for a max. of 100$ ?
What do you use now? For a nice clean even sound, Cooler Master MH751 or Arctis 3 or 5 both are pretty comfortable also.

HyperX Alphas are in the same price range and are good but not as comfortable, isolate sound more and have more of a V shape for sound so bass is more in front, I set them as a fun listening headphone vs a clean and accurate one.

For a bit more with a richer sound, Massdrop PC37X is great, it has a darker sound than the other two but it's a good sound.

If you can go up another notch the upgrade to that, the PC38X is better but price is going well over the 100 range.