Good Intel Build, please rate


hey every one, i am replacing major parts of my current computer with newer better parts.

These are the new parts:

Foxconn LGA775 DDR2 800/1066 mATX.............90

Wolfdale 2.5 ghz Pentiumdual core....................67

OCZ Vista upgrade 4 gigs 800mhz.....................45

Antec ATX/mATX with 430 watt PSU...................90

total 292

Parts from old comp
HDD Ultra DMA Maxtor
CD R/RW drive

I am looking to spend under 300 dollars on this, and i realy like this config here, i have been working in this for a few months already and i am still gathering the money.

So i was hoping some of you could tell me if this is a good setup and if i can upgrade any thing, from the four parts listed above.

And i would also like to know if the HDD can be hooked up to the new setup, i don't know if it has SATA or IDE, i can check but i need to know what the connectors look like.

Thanks to anyone who replies


@neon I know i was going with a raidmax case with a 500 watt PSU. The case was nice, the back panel and the side came off so it was easier to instal the mobo but i decided to go with quality rather than ease, and the antec case is also very roomy.

I know but i actually want to stick with AMD and also i won't be getting as good integrated graphics on my mobo with an AMD mobo. The foxconn has the X4500HD from Intel and as far as integrated ggraphics go this is probably the best one, i think. And plus i wan't a computer that will last a long time. which is why the foxconn supports upto 16 gigs of RAM


Well i was going to add a gfx card later, so... for now which one will give me better video quality if connect it to my 1080p TV?

and when will the i5 and i3s be coming out? is it worth waiting for them and then upgrading?