Good internal BluRay burner


May 10, 2012
I've been scouring over reviews and customer feedback of internal bluray burners. So far a large portion of them have problems where burning or even reading a blu ray disc after a few months stops working. Also the bluray software included with most of them seems universally crappy.

Any suggestions on a PROVEN RELIABLE internal bluray burner?
I have a LG Blu-Ray burner with Lightscribe. Had no issues. Make sure you buy a retail version, so all the software is included.

But when I burn, I like Nero, which can with my DVD burner.

But to burn Blu-Ray, I use the CyberLink software than can with the drive. And it plays disks with Power DVD.

See my signature for the model.

LG makes good drives, I've had good luck with asus as well.
What I do recommend is that you spend the extra for a non-oem. It may seem like a waste, but unfortunately blu ray is not like DVD, ya can't just pop in a movie and watch. You need a retail player, those have the best software packages. A full version of Power DVD bluray would be ideal.

Actually this drive from pioneer looks pretty good: