Apr 2, 2007
So I have an old HP and its acting up and I think its a motherboard problem. I wouldnt mind fixing it up a bit. I've already replaced the DVD drive, and the video card and added a sound card which were all spare parts, so it wouldnt be to much trouble to replace the motherboard and the PSU. I know that the CPU is still usable.

So can anyone recommend a solid motherboard for a P4 2.53GHz processor? Really dont know more than that but if you guys need more info I can try and find out.

All this computer is going to be used for is internet browsing so I don't want to build a whole new system for that. if I could put in $100 and just fix it up I would.


Run CPU-Z to identify the specific version of the CPU, especially it's FSB speed. As P4s were made for so long with variations, not every MB that will physically take a P4 will work properly.