[SOLVED] Good quality silent and cheap hard drive?

Apr 21, 2019
I do a lot of video production stuff and when you do stuff really high quality you can get a file size around 200gb! I currently have 1 SSD that’s 512gb, so I need some more storage. I’m looking for a hard drive at least 2tb, I might need a lot of storage and it’s better safe than sorry, I have an phanteks eclipse p400s, so I think the size you can use is 3.5”. Also, the case has a compartment in the back where you put the drives (you can have 2 of them), idk if that helps with the noise. Most of my computer components are silent, and I want to keep my computer running pretty quiet, I don’t know much about hard drives but do they only make noise when your using the stuff inside them? Because if they do I might not need one that’s silent, maybe a little quieter than others. I’m on a budget for it, so I need a hard drive that’s high in storage for a good price, I would go looking for one on my own, but hard drives have the least amount of reviews than other computer parts.

Here are my specs if you need them (you probably don’t but still):
Phanteks eclipse p400s case
MSI Z390-A Pro Motherboard
Intel core i5 9600k CPU
ADATA SU800 512gb SSD
Corsair Vengance LPX 16gb 3200mhz RAM
Cooler Master MWE 750 Gold Full modular, 80+ Gold Certified 750W Power Supply
MSI RX 580 Gaming X 8gb
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Pretty much all modern hard drives are mostly inaudible within a computer case.

When a hdd isn't being accessed it will stop spinning and be silent. When you go to access data it will spin up and move the heads around inside. This makes a little noise and takes a bit of time, but this noise is not loud.

In my mind, a hdd is a hdd. I would look for a 7200rpm drive.

Seagate, 3tb, 7200rpm, sata3 $56