Good RAID Englosure for 'green' drives.


Dec 13, 2006
I have a 4 bay StarTech RAID enclosure (S354UFER) with 4x2GB Samsung (ECO Green) Spinpoint HD204UI Drives. I was having a problem with video not playing smoothly and StarTech said they did not recomend 'green' drives as the power saving in the enclose can conflict with power saving in drive. This may be why I am only getting 60MB/s with RAID 10.

So my question is what 4 bay RAID enclosure do people recommend. I have a MacPro Desktop so FW800 seems my best option?


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The problem is not the enclosure, it is the drives. Green drives park the heads very soon after the most recent activity so they so not work well for and are not recommended for RAID arrays. 60MB/s is a reasonable speed for those drives in a RAID 10 array, just back them up elsewhere because they likely will not have a long life as RAIDed drives.



I think there is more than Green Drive Star tech claims.

To play Movie even with HD you are looking at 60Mb/s (app 6MB) this is TOO slow for ANY HDD.
for 4x drives RAID10 60MB/s via eSATA is TOO slow, there is something wrong with the RAID engine.

The slowness you can onlyh see when green drive spins down and up, but not when it reads or writes.

Of course the easy way out of a manufacture is to blame on the HDD :).

I have 20x 2TB Green WD run 24.7 for over two years, streaming 4~5 BD.ISO to different rooms at the same time

In the course of 2yrs+ I did replace 2x HDD (still under warranty)

Here is my 20x Green WD drives system: