Question Good small fans for exhaust in DAN Case a4/improve air flow


Feb 9, 2017
I've recently built a mini-itx system with the Dan case a4. The specs are the following:
R5 2600
Alpenföhn Black Ridge (with Noctua fan replacement mod)
gigabyte b450-I
2*8 gb corsair vengeance 3000MHz
256 GB M.2
480 GB SSD
MSI GTX 1070 ti
Dan a4, I put the box cpu cooler fan in the bottom of the case at slow rpm for some intake.

It's a little bit loud and hot because it has no exhaust fan. So I thought that some fans would fit in the top of the case, it has no mounting or support for fans but I imagine some small thin fan(s) could fit up top and I can jerry-rig some way to mount them. I've seen the NF-A4x10 could fit and are also quite, but they push so little air they won't make a significant difference I think (correct me if I'm wrong).

So I want fairly quite fan(s) that fit but still push enough air to be useful. From a little bit of testing I came to the conclusion that regular 10*92mm don't fit.

Also one thought would be to put 1 or 2 NH-A9x14 as exhaust in the bottom, but I think that would result in the cpu and gpu just reusing that exhaust air when I rises (correct me if I'm wrong).