Good System Build with Budget?


Dec 21, 2012
Hi I'm building my computer for the first time, I have someone to help me build computers and has good ammount of experience. But since I personally don't think that his opinions fit mine so well since he's very cheap. Let's get started.

Case : Nzxt Switch 810
CPU : Intel Core i5 3570k
GPU : Evga GTX 660 FTW 3GB
MOBO : Biostar TZ77XE3
PSU : Corsair HX 750W
RAM : Kingston HyperX 8GB
HDD : WD Calviar Black 1TB
Heatsink : CM Hyper 212 Evo
Fans : x2 SilenX Effizio Red LED and x2 SilenX Effizio(no led, deciding between red/white fins)

Thoughts that I'd want about my comupter, SLI for future upgrade, dust filters for all intake fans, and some sort of future proof. Also I don't want too flashy looking comuputers, but I'm trying to get a hint of red in.

I'd like to know if this is a good build, also since I'm trying to furture proof that if the 196-bit and GDDR5 for the GPU is worth getting for the 3GB of ram it has.
doesnt seem balanced at all. ill fix it

-get a very powerful card instead of 2 weaker ones. uses less power
-i would never use biostar. if they cant get connector positioning right (that usb3 port), they dont build very good motherboards
-a switch 810 is for a 1500+ dollar build
-cheaper ram options other than kingston
-cheaper hard drives that perform the same
-skip the asthetics. if you are going to make it pretty, make sure everything in your rig is top notch before doing so.

id get this. performs better and is cheaper at the same time