Feb 29, 2004
hi all im thinking of upgrading my system
this is what iv got now
GA-7VAXP with newest bios and drivers
mobile 2500 barton @ 2200
512 pc3200
120gig wd
9800pro @
with a cheap case im not sure of the make

and this is what i want to get

Chieftec DX-01GND-USB Green Dragon
Antec True Power 430W ATX PSU OEM
Abit NF7-S Rev. 2.0
Vantec Stealth 80mm Silent Case Fan or silenex

does this sound ok
any problems with this setup?

thanks Gwyn


Former Staff
Looks good to me. I'd save a bit of money and get the higher quality higher capacity (underrated) Fortron Source or Sparkle Power FSP400 power supply however.

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Might consider Antec's True 480, price diff isnt that much, and will last through to your next m/b.

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