News Google and Seagate Are Using AI to Predict Hard Drive Failures

I'm sure the people who get paid to do the repairs are jumping for joy at the prospect of losing their jobs. If engineers don't have to spend as much time finding failing disks. They won't need as many engineers.


Sep 19, 2017
I wanna know what "software" Google/Seagate use to fix bad drives - SeaToos or something factory-level low-level reformat?

I presume they empty the bad drive first so that when repairs are complete, it's blank, and does not contain old data that might cause Google's overall storage to have old, out-of-date stuff.

So they fix the drive without worrying about the data contents, as if reformatting blank, not recovering any data from it.

Why drain it of all data if data is redundant anyway, does Google really have some data in only one place, on only one drive, ever?

And why not simply swap a new drive for an old drive, and service the old drive off-line, for reuse later if appropriate, with no interruption of service while testing, are the hard drives hard-wired soldered into place inside Google servers?
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