Google Chrome May Support Windows Mixed Reality Soon

That follows the general arc of Windows Mixed Reality’s popularity. The platform debuted with several headsets from the likes of Acer, Asus and more. But the Microsoft Store currently lists just seven headsets, three of which are out of stock and two of which are on sale. We at Tom’s Hardware haven't gone deep into the platform ourselves since our July 2018 review of the HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset.
Judging by the Steam Hardware survey, Windows Mixed Reality Headsets have been slowly but steadily gaining popularity relative to other VR headsets since their introduction, and were up to almost 9% of the VR headset install-base as of December...

Looking back at data since the April survey results (when Steam corrected a flaw that affected prior data) the headsets from Oculus and HTC each appear to have outsold Windows MR headsets by about 2 to 1 (at least among systems actively connecting to Steam), though they were also both well established before the Windows headsets came out.

The PC VR headset market in general hasn't exactly been growing as quickly as many expected, though I think at this point many people might be waiting for improved "second gen" headsets to hit the market at reasonable prices before sinking money into a something that likely costs more than their monitor.


Apr 3, 2001
The commits were probably by MS devs. They'll be contributing to Chromium from now on.

I definitely fall into this category. When MW5: Mercs hits, I'll have to buy one. Hopefully by then a true second gen WMR lineup is on the market. If not, maybe I can catch the Samsung Odyssey's most current revision on sale. It's the "killer app" scenario.