Question Google Chrome Very Slow Start

Apr 18, 2019
Hi and sorry for my English
I installed Google Chrome and I have as in Windows 10 as my default browser before had Firefox ...
The problem is that when I start Chrome it takes about 1 minute or more to load. Once started it does not give me problems of slowness, it's just the start of Google Chrome. I do not have extensions and I have cleaned the Chrome so...

Why is this happening and how could I solve it?
Thank you very much for the help.
It's hard to fathom Chrome taking 1 minute to open, short of running it on a Pentium II-450, etc...; make sure you are using a newly created link to Chrome, perhaps there is confusion over a shortcut association?

Assuming no malware hosing/overwhelming your CPU usage (task manager CPU usage look normal, i;e, <5% cpu usage or so with no browser open?), sufficient RAM, functioning storage, perhaps the OS just got 'botched' somehow. If removing/reinstalling Chrome does not help, you can try a repair install of Windows. Beyond that, most will would likely be practicing the proverbial 'nuke and pave' soon enough :)