[SOLVED] Google dies when attempting to upload something for too long

Aug 31, 2021
So as the title explains when I try to upload something , first I can't use google at all during the upload but I can use discord just fine and second after a while the upload just dies or cancels... The same thing happens on edge as well. I have around 5-10Mbit/s up and down (a bit unstable though)
It works fine if I connect my laptop directly to the router extension.
Our Wifi setup is one central router connected to 2 network extenders while the Wired setup goes from the main router though an outlet into a switch and into another outlet to my PC, both work equally bad so I'm suspecting that there might be something with my PC.
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Or perhaps the wired connection path between the router to your PC.

Try a direct connection from router to PC. If that works then include the first outlet but go directly to the PC.

Next connection path to test would be switch to PC.

Lastly test the switch to second outlet and then PC.

Objective is to discover (and it may take multiple attempts) some physical problem along the connection path.

Either directly or by elimination.

Also look in Reliability History and Event Viewer. Either one or both may be capturing some error code, warning, or informational event that corresponds with the times the uploads die.