Question Google Drive link - any privacy issues possible?

Apr 27, 2019
Hi all, after meaning to sign up here for months then I finally took the plunge so I could ask this on behalf of a whole group. Hopefully I've asked in the right section.

This is probably the most simply answered question possible so forgive me for asking something I just know is stupid!

Those of us who are part of the anti-mlm community (as in MLM's aka pyramid schemes) mostly couldn't access the expose on the MLM Younique that was aired on the BBC yesterday, even with a VPN. Someone came to our rescue by downloading it to Google Drive.
I've now freaked her out somewhat as the link was to be posted everywhere possible but my first worry was that it may not be completely secure and possibly accessible to anyone with the knowhow...and right now we have Younique going a wee bit postal at us so she's obviously concerned.

This is the link -

Any possible issues there? She's going to upload it to Youtube as well but we'd like to still use the link in case it ends up removed.

TIA for any help.

Math Geek

not sure what you mean by "secure"?? the file is accessible publicly and you plan on linking it as many times as possible so not like it's gonna be a secret. what exactly are you afraid of happening??

can you be more specific?