Question Google Home AP Isolation

Feb 14, 2019
I want to connect a Google Home at work but our wifi has AP Isolation. I read that I can set up an extender/repeater and connect the Google Home to it. Is this true? Wouldn't the extender/repeater be connected to the same wifi that already has the AP isolation issue?
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I am not 100% sure what AP isolation is but it is likely the feature more commonly called wireless isolation. It prevent 2 devices connected wireless on the same AP from communicating. It generally does not prevent users on different AP or a wifi user to talk to a ethernet user.

I don't know of the wireless isolation will affect a repeater. The thing that does make it not work is if WDS is disabled. It also will not function if you run enterprise mode. If you are not the administrator of the system at work I would not attempt putting a repeater in.