News Google Investigated By 50 State AGs In Antitrust Case


Considering that Google owns the largest ad revenue company, the largest media streaming company (YouTube) and is the most used search engine (even with alternatives like DuckDuckGo that remind me of early 2K google) I am all for this. They can easily influence the world with their products and have been shown to allow their biases do so.

I am all for capitalism but sometimes companies get a tad too big for their own good and they then stop running the system fairly. Sometimes they need a good smack back to reality.


It is fine if Google is split up. Remake into a page with two links.
FIRST - Don't care if I'm Tracked by Google and SECOND - Anonymous Google.

One will track you and only let you see what it wants you to see, like Google is now.
The other will show you everything without any back-end google software hiding anything.

TJ Hooker

FYI, for anyone wanting 'anonymous' google, checkout It uses google search results, but acts as a proxy so that google can't link the search to you. There is also an "anonymous view" link next to every result, which allows you to also use the startpage proxy when going to the result's webpage.

The downside (at least for me) is that 'instant answers' don't seem to work as well as with normal google. E.g. if I search for conversions like "USD to CAD" or "lbs to kgs" google will have the direct conversion results at the top of the results, whereas startpage will only have links to conversion sites. Also, in some cases, google's ability to provide the best search results* is at least in part tied to them using your location/profile in their search algorithm, so the results may not be as good when using the startpage proxy.

*And I do find that Google consistently provides the best results. I've tried switching to other search engines like duckduckgo (yahoo), but unfortunately I found they just weren't as good at finding what I was looking for.
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