News Google Teams Up with US Government for Open-Source Chips


Sep 20, 2008
This is Kool outside of building new fabs and the chips act education is a huge part of innovation all this investment into semiconductors hope there on track with education to for all those nice new fabs. In alot of big cities Spanish is a requirment in the introduction (class you have to take to start college) iv always thought rather than teaching a second language maybe computer programming or somthing to that affect should be required as it prolly is in china


there will be a open source backdoor ?
If you layout your own chip, it would be extremely difficult for a third-party to insert functionality without causing silicon results to have multiple inexplicable divergences from post-place-and-route simulation results. To put in a backdoor after-the-fact, the "attacker" would need to reverse-engineer your design to find out where and how to insert it.

If an "open foundry" was going to put backdoors in, it would have to be integrated into IP-cores (ex.: XPU cores, USB, PCIe, Ethernet, memory, etc.controllers) you put in your design, then the foundry only needs to worry about having at least one way (ex.: Ethernet, USB, PCIe) to access its IPcore-to-IPcore network and installed backdoors.