Google Wifi with Gigabit Speeds


Jul 22, 2016
Hi all! So today I got Spectrum Gigabit installed at my house and overall speeds are constant at 940 down and 40 up and thats hard wired, Wireless im getting around 500 down and 40 up. I brushed this off as I figured it was just wireless and that is always slower than wired, However for fun I installed the Wireless AC router spectrum left and im getting almost full speeds at 900 down and 40 up, Ive gone through all my settings in the wifi app and cant figure it out. I even called google tech support and was told I should be getting atleast 750-800 down on the google wifi AP. I have 3 AP points, All 3 are hardwired, the 2 remote units are hardwired into a gigabit unmanaged switch. When on wifi im making sure im connected to the 5ghz band. When I connect a ethernet cable to one of the remote AP I can achieve my full speed so I know the AP's are getting them just for some reason cant transmit them. Im hoping someone can help and help me figure this out. I appreciate the help!
Wireless 500Mbps is quite good.

There are very few if any wireless clients that will go over that as almost all of them lack the antennae to do so. Most clients have 1x1 (one transmit and one receive antenna) where there are loads of 3x3 (and a fair number up to 4x4) routers and APs. That really just allows you to connect more devices at high speeds, not to connect a single 1x1 or 2x2 at gigabit speed.

Moreover, 5GHz signals are rapidly attenuated by matter due to the shorter wavelength not penetrating matter as well.