News Google's Working on a 'Heavy Ad' Blocker for Chrome

Olle P

Apr 7, 2010
I think this is a great idea and not a day too soon!
While I'm no fan of ads, I do accept that content providers need some sort of income. Therefore I accept ads as long as they're not too annoying and resource heavy ads are some of the worst!

Once, more than ten years ago, I was shown an ad (in many places at once on one site page) that had a GIF-image switching between blue and white at about one-second interval. It was like having a flashlight blinking in my face while trying to read the text next to it. I checked out what company it was an ad for, not clicking the ad, and went to their web site to find contact info. Then I sent an email directly to their head of marketing, telling what I thought about that ad. That ad was gone within a few hours!